Future Volunteer

Volunteering is a beautiful way to spend your time.

The less fortunate sometimes can’t afford to spare a dime.

The hours I’ve spent with the young and the elderly  has given my hands a rail.

Whether it’s reading a story or hearing ones tale you’re like wind lifting their sail.

Don’t over think it or offer too much.

You’ll get overwhelmed and find yourself in a time crunch.

If  30 minutes is all you can give they be will gracious for the time you shared.

The children are so grateful that you showed them a care .

They don’t always have someone to show them kindness .

Many times the helpless are overlooked by the worlds blindness.

The elderly will seem to cherish your visit the most.

For they are wiser and they truly know that volunteering is a less traveled road.

Volunteering is a gift given as well as received. 

If you give it a try you’ll quickly see the joy you bring to the hearts of those in need.


(These are real cards from a class  I volunteered to read to last year.These kids melted my heart with their eagerness to learn and appreciation in their hearts knowing I was their because I wanted to be. )





6 thoughts on “Future Volunteer

    1. Thank you so much for including my poem into your weekly inspirational roundup . Every comment you give reaches my heart. Thank you for validating again and again that this gift I’ve been blessed with should be shared with the blogging world.


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