Goodnight my darlings


Tonight I just listened to them and cherished every word.

I didn’t mind the usual kid quarrels that always seem so absurd.

I didn’t stress out over the book bags that were scattered on the floor.

I didn’t mind all the questions and demands they had like I did two nights before.

I didn’t stress out over the few uneaten vegetables that Iย  scraped from dinner plates.

I didn’t frantically rush them offย  to bed when the clock sneakily struck eight.

I didn’t worry about the what-ifs or any amount of time.

Tonight I just adored them and left the world outside.

memoirs of a loving mom






19 thoughts on “Goodnight my darlings

  1. That was beautiful! As a mom of 2 adult children, (today is my baby boysโ€™ 23rd Birthday) your words brought me right back to those precious times. I absolutely loved this piece and will be reading many more. Thanks for sharing your love for your children with the world.

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    1. Thank you for reading! I have a hard time even thinking about when they are adults. Being a mom is a life’s-work in itself and no matter how old they get we will always be their mom. Happy Birthday wishes to your son! Tears filled my eyes when I read this comment. I feel blessed to know I helped you have your sons childhood memories back even it was just a brief moment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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