Memoirs of a loving mom

No dust ! isn’t it beautiful!


I am a mother of an awesome  daughter and two amazing boys.  I am also a wife, cook , maid, chauffeur, self-taught nurse, referee, mediator, exc.. I bet you’re thinking  this lady must be rich with all these jobs.  You’re right , but it’s not the kind of rich that involves money. I’m rich in love, stress, insanity, happiness, as well as so many other riches only a parent finds more valuable than gold. Being a mother is the best job in the world most days, but I’ll admit there are some days I just want tuck tail and run with what little sanity I have secretly stashed away in case of emergency.  I started this blog to help other moms , but truthfully I hope it helps me too. I try to keep things short and sweet . Most of my posts are going to be poetic. I realize poetry is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like it.  When I write I tell a story about my life. Every poem or post I write will be genuine and completely from my heart. I hope other moms can relate to my blog. Being a mother means living a  life full of beautifully bitter-sweet moments with a dash of chaos. All we can do is hang on and enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂


A t-shirts tale

Just an old t-shirt tattered and torn is all that you might see.

But if you’d actually seen it worn you just might see it differently.

You’d know that this t-shirt had a history with my sons and I .

My oldest boy wore it proudly to his first day of kindergarten as waved to me bye.

By the time he outgrew it it had been washed at least a thousand times.

I just couldn’t bare to part with it so I kept it put aside.

It waited patiently six long years just to be worn again.

The first time his little brother put it on was truly like seeing an old friend.

I think it’s been washed five hundred more times and it’s a bit more tattered and torn.

And it may never see another lifetime but during ours it’s truly been adored.

memoirs of a loving mom

1 year officially

It’s officially been a year since I started my motherhood blog.

So in honor of my 1 year anniversary I’ve decided to answer some questions I made for myself to reflect on the impact blogging has had on my life this past year.

why did I start the blog?

I started my blog because I wanted to share my story and I needed to know there were other people out there that had already been where I was and survived the motherhood struggle. I also wanted to help new moms by sharing my struggles and triumphs. 

How has blogging enriched my life?

Blogging has enriched my life by giving me a a different outlook on life. When I post a memoir and people read it, like it, or comment on it I feel validated in a sense. When I read a fellow bloggers post it reminds me that I am not alone in this world and everyone has struggles and we are all just trying to survive and thrive.

If I could go back one year  knowing what I know now would I still have started blogging? 

100% yes! Blogging has opened me up more than I ever would have without it.I have shared some difficult posts about  my failures as a mother. Fellow bloggers always lifted me right up with likes and comments just to let me know they understood that being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world and no one is perfect. 

Would I recommend starting a blog to other moms?

I would recommend blogging if they wanted their voice to be heard. That being said I would also explain that they would need to have patience and be considerate of others in their blog. It took my blog a year to gain 150 followers but other blogs have thousands after only six months. So patience is extremely necessary! Rome wasn’t built in a day ;).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and learned a lot about me.

I would like to share one even more personal detail about myself in honor of my one year anniversary . My name is Amber ❤

memoirs of a loving mom

The evolution of a lady

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When my children were infants I knew exactly who I was.

I was the lady that never got any sleep and gave her children all of her love.

When my children were toddlers I knew exactly who I was.

I was the shadow that chased their every step and that cried when their was no sun.

When my children became students I started forgetting exactly who I was. 

I found myself becoming the lady who stood still like a tree longing for their hugs.

When my children became teens I lost even more sight of exactly who I was.

I became the lady searching for her place in their growing worlds with pockets full of love.

As my children grow up I’m continually evolving always trying to fit into their lives like a glove.

I am now the lady who searches for her purpose beyond motherhood just to be ready when her children have all grown up.

memoirs of a loving mom


My 200th post!

200 Posts
my 200th post !

I just posted my 200th post and this vision blessed my eyes.

I started this blog last year in this same beautiful month of July.

I never knew I had so much to say or so many bloggers that wanted to hear it.

I just pour my struggles and triumphs into my blog hoping it reaches someone who needs it.

I pray I have the gift of words to post 200 more and make them just as meaningful.

For me this blog has been an escape from my silence and I know that I can be an ear full.

Thank you to everyone and please know that you’ve  helped me grow not only as a blogger but as a mother as a well.

I wish you all many well wishes and a successful blog as well.

With all my love,

Memoirs of a loving mom

Barely but Almost

She’s about to turn thirteen and I’m just not ready for her too.

I want her to stay my little girl forever but for her this just won’t do.

I see the way she looks at the  world like a foreign land she can’t wait to explore.

The tighter I pull her back only makes her  want to venture the world more.

She doesn’t know that there is evil that’s been long-time waiting for her teenage journey to take flight.

So I encourage  her every day to stay vigilant and I redundantly remind her that  danger hides  best in plain sight.

I remain empathetic to her urgency in wanting to grow up so fast.

I remember living in the now trying to avoid the future becoming my  past.

But to me she’s barely thirteen and I wish she’d just take in the present.

But to her she’s almost thirteen and it’s finally her time to be adolescent.

Memoirs of a loving mom






I wish I was their Mom-bot

My children think I am a robot with a built-in battery that never runs down.

So I steadily spin myself in circles going round and round and round.

So when I have reached maximum exhaustion I make sure they are asleep and sound.

I give every ounce of energy I have to give in a valiant effort not to let them down.

They deserve a mom that never quits who’s feet stay firmly pressed against the ground.

I long to be their everything whether it be  simple or profound.

I wish I was the real mom-bot  that they think is so great to have around.

But I am merely just a human-mom that simply lives for her children day in and day out.

Memoirs of a loving mom

The bottle was always first

She never calls me when she’s sober .

It’s always the same whiskey lullaby.

She’s sorry for all the wrong she did.

She’s sorry for the too few rights.

My response isn’t always friendly.

But I listen to her drunken ramble because I love her so.

Or maybe it’s because I fear the one time I don’t answer will be her last call here.

Memoirs of a loving mom