My kids love me even when I’m cleaning the house

I am a mom! I have  kids! I love them to pieces !!!!!! I live my life knowing from the moment each of them were born my germy world became their germy world and I had to protect them if I ever wanted to sleep again. So the reason I pointed this out is so that if you are reading my blog you know that I can empathize with anyone who desperately tries to keep a clean and disinfected house while being a good mom at the same time. It’s a nearly an  impossible task without outside help. I didn’t say it was impossible! By starting this blog  I hope  to help other moms survive their  houses with as much sanity as they can. The time we have with our children is so precious  if I can give a mom just one extra hour with them by  not worrying about the endless house cleaning  then it’s worth the few minutes I borrow from my own children to share a post with you. My hope is that I can give advice on cleaning and kids . I’m no expert ! I’m just a mom with a little less dust on the walls !

This is the post excerpt.

Learning to love me so she’ll love herself

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In my daughters eyes I am who she strives to be.

Even though we fuss over everything and she pretends she doesn’t like me .

I always catch her watching me out of the corner of my eyes.

I don’t dare let her know I see it just might ruin everything.

I just try to do whatever I’m doing a little more perfectly.

I stress about my hair , body shape, and weight.

I sometimes forget through my insecurities her body she may come to hate.

Suddenly I find myself standing a little straighter and eating a much fuller plate.

I have to save my precious girl from the world of body shame.

I think she is so beautiful and I always tell her so.

she tells me moms have to say that.

I  say to her I say it because her beauty shows.

I wonder if she too sees me looking at her out the corner of her eyes.

Does she ever notice the tears of joy I fight so hard to hide.

Have I already made a mistake by showing my insecurities to her fragile eyes.

No matter how many times I say she’s beautiful the belief must come from her.

I let this world tell me what makes me beautiful.

For her it doesn’t have to be that way.





Accidentally on Purpose

Maybe we met by chance .

Maybe you were sent my way.

Maybe the stars aligned.

Maybe the universe was frayed.

Maybe there was a greater hand at work.

Maybe it was just fate.

Maybe prayers were answered.

Maybe prayers were answered too late.

Maybe it will never be known how life landed us here.

Maybe it will never be known why uncertainty must remain unclear.

Maybe there isn’t only one answer to all that we wonder my dear.

Maybe if there was just one answer life’s journey would disappear.Awesome-Wallpaper  Photo credit : 


Happy Sunday

2659 (3)

Happy Sunday to  all

I hope this Sunday breaks down the past weeks  hardest of walls.

Only to build new  walls of love and courage that help them stand tall.

May you never take one breath for granted.

May you always be surrounded by family.

Happy Sunday to all.

I hope the winds of positive change blow your way.

May you find reasons to Thank God for the blessings received through the day. .

May your tears be wiped from your eyes as joy flows into your lives.

I hope you extend a helping hand or kind word to another.

May you prosper as your love grows stronger for each other.

Happy Sunday to all.

Future Volunteer

Volunteering is a beautiful way to spend your time.

The less fortunate sometimes can’t afford to spare a dime.

The hours I’ve spent with the young and the elderly  has given my hands a rail.

Whether it’s reading a story or hearing ones tale you’re like wind lifting their sail.

Don’t over think it or offer too much.

You’ll get overwhelmed and find yourself in a time crunch.

If  30 minutes is all you can give they be will gracious for the time you shared.

The children are so grateful that you showed them a care .

They don’t always have someone to show them kindness .

Many times the helpless are overlooked by the worlds blindness.

The elderly will seem to cherish your visit the most.

For they are wiser and they truly know that volunteering is a less traveled road.

Volunteering is a gift given as well as received. 

If you give it a try you’ll quickly see the joy you bring to the hearts of those in need.


(These are real cards from a class  I volunteered to read to last year.These kids melted my heart with their eagerness to learn and appreciation in their hearts knowing I was their because I wanted to be. )





Me Time



The house is quiet and I have time to think.

After a summer of chaos you’d think that would be great.

There were countless moments I longed for peace and quiet.

Now that I have it I long to start a riot.

Irony is such an explanatory word.

Sometimes what we think we want seems a little absurd.

What we want and what we need are often two different things.

Sifting through daily life makes it difficult to see between.

Feeling guilty for self-indulgence and motherhood goes hand in hand.

Some me time never actually serves me well because my thoughts stay with them.

It’s nearly impossible to enjoy me time when I’m missing three pieces of who I am.



Letting them Grow

WIN_20170816_144430 (2)

It’s back to school to learn and grow.

They are in such a hurry but they don’t want me to know.

I know that they’ll miss  me but I’ll miss them more.

They never return the same as the day before.

I know in my heart this is how it should be.

Letting their little hands go is far from easy.

Sometimes I wish they would stay forever young.

This just cannot be they must find who they’ll become.

I must not be selfish by holding them back.

Time will not wait until I am on track.

Although it hurts to let them out of my sight.

I will always watch from a distance with my heart by their side.

Soda Pop


Soda pop I loved you so

I never wanted you to go.

Your sugar rush I craved so much.

I’d sometimes buy you in place of  lunch.

Soda pop you tasted so good

I wish my teeth liked you as much.

The sugary taste tickled my tongue.

As a child we were best friends.

A friendship I hoped would never end.

I’m all grown up  now with my big girl teeth

Please understand it’s not you it’s me

I needed my teeth to be pretty and strong

In my smile is where they belong.

I will still drink you now and then.

I’ll always remember my sugar-filled friend.