Memoirs of a loving mom

No dust ! isn’t it beautiful!


I am a mother of an awesome  daughter and two amazing boys.  I am also a wife, cook , maid, chauffeur, self-taught nurse, referee, mediator, exc.. I bet you’re thinking  this lady must be rich with all these jobs.  You’re right , but it’s not the kind of rich that involves money. I’m rich in love, stress, insanity, happiness, as well as so many other riches only a parent finds more valuable than gold. Being a mother is the best job in the world most days, but I’ll admit there are some days I just want tuck tail and run with what little sanity I have secretly stashed away in case of emergency.  I started this blog to help other moms , but truthfully I hope it helps me too. I try to keep things short and sweet . Most of my posts are going to be poetic. I realize poetry is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like it.  When I write I tell a story about my life. Every poem or post I write will be genuine and completely from my heart. I hope other moms can relate to my blog. Being a mother means living a  life full of beautifully bitter-sweet moments with a dash of chaos. All we can do is hang on and enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂


Once I was

Once I was just a little girl that longed for her mother’s drunken words to go unspoken.

Once I was just a little girl that dream’t not of picket fences but of doors that stood wide open.

 Once  I was just a little girl who wished her home had never been  broken.

Once I was just a little girl that missed her daddy’s hands and his arms that were always open.

Once I was just a little girl that didn’t understand her journey in God’s plan.

Once I was just a little girl that started to pray and  Jesus became her friend.

I am now just a woman that has learned from her mother’s mistakes.

I am now just a mom who loves her kids so much that her once broken heart no longer aches.

memoirs of a loving mom


My hush-a-bye


IMG_0249 (4)
memoirs of a loving mom

I turn the flash off and my phone volume down.

In this moment I am determined not to make a sound.

I desperately want this moment to last.

He doesn’t like pictures so I better make it fast.

His pretty blues melt my heart and the moment passes by.

Heavens knows I  don’t know what I would do without this little guy.

memoirs of a loving mom



sunshine Blogger award

I would like to thank Saumya Agrawal @ for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. I feel very blessed and honored for being recognized in such a unique way. Her blog is poetic and heartfelt.  I think you’ll enjoy it if you check it out


What inspires me to write?

What inspires me to write is my beautifully chaotic life as a mom.

2.Describe myself in one word +  one sentence.

Dedicated! I just want to do good.

3.What event taught me the most in my life?

There have been many but I’m sure there will be more to learn during my journey.If I had to choose top 3 it would be the birth of each of my kids.

4.What do you love most about yourself?

I love how much I love my kids. 

5.What characteristics do you value in other people?

Some characteristics I value are honesty , empathy, and loyalty.

6. According to you, what is life?

Life is the road you choose to take regardless of where you came from.

7. What is writing to you?

Writing is my heart’s way saying the things that I wish I was brave enough to say out loud. 

My nominations are:


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and compose new questions for them to answer.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post/or on your blog.

My Questions for my nominees ❤

  1. What is your favorite blog and why?
  2. How did you feel when you got your first follower?
  3. Has blogging made you a better person in some way?
  4. If someone told you that you could only make 5 more posts on your blog what would you write about?
  5. If you didn’t blog what would you use that spare time doing?
  6. What do you hope your followers will gain from reading your blog?
  7.  I think blogging has therapeutic qualities , do you?

memoirs of a loving mom




More than I am

I must be as gentle as the Good Lords hands when they need tenderness and love.

I must be as tough as nails when they need the strength to get back up.

I must be as courageous as the lioness when they need courage to perform.

I must be as water proof as an umbrella  when they need shelter from the storm.

I must be as stubborn as the donkey when they need to learn right from wrong.

I must be as vigilant as the elephant when they need to hear a forgotten song.

I must be more than I am when they need someone to call their mom.

memoirs of a loving mom








Something for them behind

I spend my days in worry that I haven’t done enough.

If I left this world behind would they remember all my  love.

I know I haven’t done everything right but my presence is never too far from sight.

Should they ever call my name I run with all my might.

I am always ready for battle should they need a sacrifice.

I do not sleep deeply into the precious night.

I give and I give never wishing to take.

I remain invisible in photos behind the camera’s face.

It isn’t materials that  I wish to leave behind.

It’s them knowing they were and always will be loved every day of their lives.

memoirs of a loving mom


Loving her tough

She says I love her brothers more.

This just isn’t true but it’s hard to ignore.

I do for her as I do for them.

I spread myself paper thin to show my love from within.

At times I cannot be her friend.

Sometimes I must be the mother hen.

I’m sure I have fault in her feeling this way.

In my endless efforts to keep her safe I may have caused some dismay.

She doesn’t understand just how much strength it will take to make it in this world.

I loved her then, I love her now, I’ll forever love my precious girl.

memoirs of a loving mom





patience my sweet girl

memoirs of a loving mom

She’s growing up way too fast.

My blossoming beauty thinks her youth will forever last.

I tell her time will pass in the blink of an eye.

She insists it’s taking too long to find the path that will lead her to the light.

I long to tell her to just be patient  but I remember feeling the same urgency.

It seems like only yesterday I was in search of my own journey.

She is as I was and she resembles my youth in everything she desires to be.

I know I can’t keep her my little girl forever but I hope she’ll always keep a piece of me.

She longs so desperately to spread her wings just as I secretly long for her to fly.

I just pray it’s always I’ll see you later but never the words good-bye.

memoirs of a loving mom