Memoirs of a loving mom

No dust ! isn’t it beautiful!

I am a mother of an awesome  daughter and two amazing boys.  I am also a wife, cook , maid, chauffeur, self-taught nurse, referee, mediator, exc.. I bet you’re thinking  this lady must be rich with all these jobs.  You’re right , but it’s not the kind of rich that involves money. I’m rich in love, stress, insanity, happiness, as well as so many other riches only a parent finds more valuable than gold. Being a mother is the best job in the world most days, but I’ll admit there are some days I just want tuck tail and run with what little sanity I have secretly stashed away in case of emergency.  I started this blog to help other moms , but truthfully I hope it helps me too. I try to keep things short and sweet . Most of my posts are going to be poetic. I realize poetry is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like it.  When I write I tell a story about my life. Every poem or post I write will be genuine and completely from my heart. I hope other moms can relate to my blog. Being a mother means living a  life full of beautifully bitter-sweet moments with a dash of chaos. All we can do is hang on and enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂


See it

I don’t know how we got here nor do I know the exact moment  we went wrong.

But it doesn’t really matter what one thing brought us to this broken place.

We must look at our own reflections and take responsibility for playing it safe.

We’ve accepted a broken world and gave up on what it could be.

Our children are taking there own lives because of a future they cannot see.

Children are killing children because this is what we teach.

Am I the only one who feels that we adults need to take the lead?

One act of kindness, JUST one smile, or the tiniest  good deed.

It’s simply a choice you make everyday to be a better seed.

I beg of you my fellow leaders not to accept what they say must be.

We can change the outcome and give our children a future they long to see.

memoirs of a loving mom







Heavens memory

We don’t realize how easily the breath of life can quickly slip away.

Our hearts are unprepared to lose those we love no matter what we say.

And when we lose a child and mother all understanding goes a stray.

 All we can do is picture them together in heaven in the beauty of Gods’ grace.

Him resting gently in her angelic arms so soft and tenderly.

Her soothing his precious whimpers with calm and melody.

As she kisses his tiny forehead with happy tear filled eyes.

And she whispers ever so gently I love you little guy.

He looks at her and she looks at him and it’s truly love at first sight.

(We will miss you both always  )

Memoirs of a loving mom



Simply Me

I use to lose sleep not knowing what the future would become.

I would worry myself to  no end wondering if my best was what I’d done.

Those worries have not deserted me but they’ve grown quieter over time.

I’m not sure how this silence came to be but I know it is all mine.

Mistakes have been a plenty but my growth  like a vine.

And time has been good to me and good to it have I .

I long for what has been but I have hope for what will be.

Every moment is  a second chance to be a better me.

Memoirs of a loving mom







Sweet Child

I built up sturdy walls and every stone strategically  placed.

I keep my heart safely guarded  only allowing love to ever escape.

When I  start to think my work is done the walls begin to shake.

For a glimpse of you my child is like the strongest quake.

Years of construction instantly crumbles to the ground.

You can’t possibly comprehend what I feel when you’re not around.

Your tears are like quicksand to the foundation I build apon.

Your sorrows stop me in my tracks and I’m unable to carry on.

My walls are defenseless to love I have for you.

Anything shall pass if it means I get to you.

Sweet child I love you to the stars and to the moon.

May you always be safe and know my walls are no match for you.

Memoirs of  a loving mom







Faith Beyond


Beyond the worry and beyond the guilt I see hope for  eternity.

Beyond the fears , beyond the struggles, and the strife I see God patiently waiting for his family.

Beyond the mistakes , beyond the tears, and the pain I see heavens gates glistening majestically.

Beyond the evil, beyond the tragedy, and beyond the cruelty  I see hope for humanity.

Beyond the darkness, beyond the broken, and beyond the hardened hearts I see all the beauty that could  be.

Beyond the politics, beyond the condemnation, beyond the differences in-between I see a better place just longing and waiting for someone to plant the seeds.

Beyond the wars , beyond the greed, and beyond the material needs I see the stairway to heaven and I can hear our  father say he’s pleased.

I see beyond all of these things because I know Jesus  died for you and me.

If you truly believe he is the way and the light you too should be able to see.

If we all would look beyond oh how different things could be.

Loving thy neighbor would reach beyond the Church , bust open the doors of every heart , and shatter the disbelief.

I ask you to look beyond , be the people of the world and help the blind to see.

Memoirs of a loving mom




Look only with your heart and  you’ll see beyond just as God has done for me.





His last words

It has taken me 32 years to finally understand.

I am just an instrument to be used to carryout his plan.

Words are my talent but my talent isn’t mine.

It’s not what I say it’s saying it in his time.

His seven last words have changed many hearts and lives.

I’ve heard the account of his crucifixion at least 1,000 times.

But it’s only now that I finally understand what my heart was mean’t to find.

It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus on that cross.

It wasn’t his own agonizing pain that he longed to make stop.

It was the love for his people that held him to the cross.

All his blood emptied but all we needed was a drop.

He gave us all he had unto death.

If only we could be that selfless.

memoirs of a loving mom



Love always

Love them always .

Love them when they’re angry.

Love them through the hate.

Love them through the disappointment.

Love them through the pain. 

Love them through the frustration.

Love them through the broken frames.

Love them always and always.

They’ll one day love the same.

memoirs of a loving mom


Then,now, and Always

My darlings cheers to your future.

My darling  son you’ve been the best first born love and  tutor.

My darling only  daughter you’ve been a blessing like no other.

My darling youngest son you’ve been my sunshine when my skies lost color.

The easiest way to lose time is to think you can do it all on your own.

My darlings there’s only one true path that will lead us home.

It won’t be easy and it’s the road less traveled so it will plagued with gravel and sharp stones.

But if you look within my darlings you’ll see a light that guides your every toe.

And one day I will leave this earthly world but my heart will stay behind.

It is only when I see your faces in heaven that it can return and I know you all are fine.

Memoirs of a loving mom






Don’t you; Oh but I am

My eldest son recently said to me don’t you want more.

He said don’t you want to see the beauty of the world.

How could I be so content with so little around.

I took a moment and studied my answer before I spoke aloud. 

There are things I wish to see and things I’d love to do.

But I made a choice long ago to prioritize the three of you.

I said I’ve seen things I never knew I wanted to see because I chose you.

I said I’ve done things of greater measure all because of you.

I may never see or do the things I once thought I wanted too.

But I see and do so much more every moment I spend with the three of you!

memoirs of a loving mom


He is the light

I found the way to the light.

Days of darkness I left behind.

Some that I loved were left in rear view sight.

I wanted to take them along but instead they had to find their own light.

I’ve never been quite strong enough to stop looking back.

I want them where I am but I know I change their paths.

The guilt of living my life pulls on the strings of my heart.

I want them to have the peace that  I have but they must take part.

God saved me because I invited him into my heart.

Through Jesus I was given the chance and behold my small part.

memoirs of a loving mom