Memoirs of a loving mom

No dust ! isn’t it beautiful!


I am a mother of an awesome  daughter and two amazing boys.  I am also a wife, cook , maid, chauffeur, self-taught nurse, referee, mediator, exc.. I bet you’re thinking  this lady must be rich with all these jobs.  You’re right , but it’s not the kind of rich that involves money. I’m rich in love, stress, insanity, happiness, as well as so many other riches only a parent finds more valuable than gold. Being a mother is the best job in the world most days, but I’ll admit there are some days I just want tuck tail and run with what little sanity I have secretly stashed away in case of emergency.  I started this blog to help other moms , but truthfully I hope it helps me too. I try to keep things short and sweet . Most of my posts are going to be poetic. I realize poetry is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like it.  When I write I tell a story about my life. Every poem or post I write will be genuine and completely from my heart. I hope other moms can relate to my blog. Being a mother means living a  life full of beautifully bitter-sweet moments with a dash of chaos. All we can do is hang on and enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂


His last words

It has taken me 32 years to finally understand.

I am just an instrument to be used to carryout his plan.

Words are my talent but my talent isn’t mine.

It’s not what I say it’s saying it in his time.

His seven last words have changed many hearts and lives.

I’ve heard the account of his crucifixion at least 1,000 times.

But it’s only now that I finally understand what my heart was mean’t to find.

It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus on that cross.

It wasn’t his own agonizing pain that he longed to make stop.

It was the love for his people that held him to the cross.

All his blood emptied but all we needed was a drop.

He gave us all he had unto death.

If only we could be that selfless.

memoirs of a loving mom



Love always

Love them always .

Love them when they’re angry.

Love them through the hate.

Love them through the disappointment.

Love them through the pain. 

Love them through the frustration.

Love them through the broken frames.

Love them always and always.

They’ll one day love the same.

memoirs of a loving mom


Then,now, and Always

My darlings cheers to your future.

My darling  son you’ve been the best first born love and  tutor.

My darling only  daughter you’ve been a blessing like no other.

My darling youngest son you’ve been my sunshine when my skies lost color.

The easiest way to lose time is to think you can do it all on your own.

My darlings there’s only one true path that will lead us home.

It won’t be easy and it’s the road less traveled so it will plagued with gravel and sharp stones.

But if you look within my darlings you’ll see a light that guides your every toe.

And one day I will leave this earthly world but my heart will stay behind.

It is only when I see your faces in heaven that it can return and I know you all are fine.

Memoirs of a loving mom






Don’t you; Oh but I am

My eldest son recently said to me don’t you want more.

He said don’t you want to see the beauty of the world.

How could I be so content with so little around.

I took a moment and studied my answer before I spoke aloud. 

There are things I wish to see and things I’d love to do.

But I made a choice long ago to prioritize the three of you.

I said I’ve seen things I never knew I wanted to see because I chose you.

I said I’ve done things of greater measure all because of you.

I may never see or do the things I once thought I wanted too.

But I see and do so much more every moment I spend with the three of you!

memoirs of a loving mom


He is the light

I found the way to the light.

Days of darkness I left behind.

Some that I loved were left in rear view sight.

I wanted to take them along but instead they had to find their own light.

I’ve never been quite strong enough to stop looking back.

I want them where I am but I know I change their paths.

The guilt of living my life pulls on the strings of my heart.

I want them to have the peace that  I have but they must take part.

God saved me because I invited him into my heart.

Through Jesus I was given the chance and behold my small part.

memoirs of a loving mom



Friend, Parent, or Both

 I hear people say all the time that you can’t be your child’s friend.

I agree to disagree with stipulations at the end.

Being the parent first should always take priority.

But being a confidant for your child makes you no less of an authority.

We are supposed to be their voices when they cannot speak .

Shouldn’t we also be the ears that listen to them in-between.

There are definitely some lines that should never be crossed.

But there too are those moments that should never be lost.

A happy median is hard to find but give it your best try.

And when your child needs a friend you won’t be too far behind.

Memoirs of a loving mom








Exhaustion is defined as a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

But when you’re a mom it takes on a truly different meaning.

Today was a true example of just what I mean.

The hubby pulled a muscle so I  changed into the nurse he needed to see.

My daughters body decided to have an allergic  reaction to something that still puzzles me.

So I shifted gears and added my detective hat in search of the mystery.

Dinner wouldn’t cook its self so I threw on my chefs hat as my oldest son came up to me.

He was sneezing and coughing kindly letting me know he too needed sympathy.

Their needs and I were going to and fro as I continued to fold the laundry.

The youngest poked his head around probably thinking mom don’t forget about me.

I whispered I saved a moment just for you because I love you to the  wind and the seas.

memoirs of a loving mom