Memoirs of a loving mom

No dust ! isn’t it beautiful!


I am a mother of an awesome  daughter and two amazing boys.  I am also a wife, cook , maid, chauffeur, self-taught nurse, referee, mediator, exc.. I bet you’re thinking  this lady must be rich with all these jobs.  You’re right , but it’s not the kind of rich that involves money. I’m rich in love, stress, insanity, happiness, as well as so many other riches only a parent finds more valuable than gold. Being a mother is the best job in the world most days, but I’ll admit there are some days I just want tuck tail and run with what little sanity I have secretly stashed away in case of emergency.  I started this blog to help other moms , but truthfully I hope it helps me too. I try to keep things short and sweet . Most of my posts are going to be poetic. I realize poetry is an acquired taste and not everyone is going to like it.  When I write I tell a story about my life. Every poem or post I write will be genuine and completely from my heart. I hope other moms can relate to my blog. Being a mother means living a  life full of beautifully bitter-sweet moments with a dash of chaos. All we can do is hang on and enjoy the roller-coaster ride. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll follow my blog. 🙂


My 31st Thanksgiving

This will be my 31st Thanksgiving and I’m almost in my 32nd year of life.

The turkey is still a turkey and the cars are yet to fly.

Stove-top is still my favorite stuffing and I have the same soft spot for pumpkin pie.

The only difference between then and now is that I don’t indulge the way I’d like.

My metabolism just won’t cooperate with my hungry stomach and eyes.

Some call the holidays cheat days but I can’t tell that to my thighs.

I wish I could say I didn’t care about the extra pounds but that would be a lie.

I hope I can enjoy the day without counting the calories or I just might cry.

To cook such a bountiful feast and not eat it should definitely be a crime.

Memoirs of a loving mom



Ocean come true

We bandage our flesh wounds with the finest leather and lace.

But the deepest cuts remain undressed and are the hardest for us to face.

Our world is crumbling piece by piece.

Our tears could fill Oceans but it’s patience we keep.

Loss after loss and talk after talk.

Our good people work tirelessly but the evil chips away endlessly at the stalks .

What will become of us only God knows.

But if our faith could fill an Ocean maybe love would overflow.

Memoirs of a loving mom




Thankfulness is for all

I once heard someone say they didn’t have much to be thankful for.

I immediately closed my eyes hoping these words I could ignore.

It may be hard to see past what’s been lost or never given at all.

For I’ve known my share of sorrows and many wingless falls.

If you look beyond the pain and dig beneath the scars.

You’ll find your thankful blessings that make you who you are.

Every scar has a lesson ; just as every tear has a purpose.

We can all find reasons to be thankful if we look beneath the surface.

The truest treasures and gems are those you can not hold.

After all the blessings that rest inside the heart are more valuable than gold.

Memoirs of a loving mom




Pass on the blessings

I see leaves of yellow, green, and red.

I see shades of brown and orange moving through the people.

I see hope in all the faces that are thankful for their bread.

I see struggle in the lonely as they battle off the evil.

Many have so much while other’s barely have  a place to rest their head.

One small gesture of kindness has the power to lead one to a steeple.

Even if only but a little it is better than nothing instead.

What’s yours is his and what’s his has always been mean’t for all his people.

Memoirs of a loving mom



Listen for his voice


God speaks into our minds and moves us through our heart’s.

Each day he tells us what needs to be done to make it through the dark.

He never leaves us nor does he watch with idle hands.

Every second of every day he’s building our strength to stand.

He keeps one arm around his people and the other reaching out for the lost.

He endlessly loves us through our  mistakes and  forgives us at all cost.

God never promised there wouldn’t be struggle or days that broke our hearts.

He promised  there is a better place for us but to get there we must hold on to his word through the  dark.

ISAIAH 41;10

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Memoirs of a loving mom











My Darling’s

My darling’s I wish that this Earthly life was filled only of joy and love.

I wish that the only tears you’d ever cry are those sent from heaven above.

I wish that you could hear and feel the song in my heart just because of your love.

My darling’s you are my forever more and all that I dreamed of.

I love you more than my words could ever say or my finger tips could ever write.

I wish that you could grasp the beauty that your mere presence brings to my sight.

My darling’s loving you has lengthened and will forever measure all the days of my life.

Memoirs of a loving mom






A single tear rolls down my cheek as I type today.

I gaze into these old photographs of many yesterdays.

I wonder if I cherished every moment that captured such true gems.

Did I rush through the moments  too quick or make them live forever in them.

All the memories I can’t recall but I know they existed.

I know I’ve always loved them well but life tries its best to twist it.

If these photographs could tell me anything just to bless my heart.

I hope they would tell me I did my best and cherished every part.

Memoirs of a loving mom